Ely Flores Florist has a personalized delivery service
We deliver all over the Algarve with our own fleet.
For deliveries outside office hours, please contact us through our e-mail info@elyflores.com

The order will always be delivered to the recipient stipulated in the order data,
Any additional information (location, or an additional telephone number) can be entered in the field of comments when completing the order.
Please be advised that it is not possible to make deliveries in the detached.

All deliveries are done after we contact the person that will be receiving the flowers. After we contact the person we confirm the address and we set a time for delivery with the person.

Yes, in the case online Ely Flores-Florista delivers from the minimum amount stipulated in each order

Yes, Ely Flores-Florista can confirm the delivery, you need only to ask it with your order.

If you do not receive your order please contact our shop.
Telef. + 351 289 399411
Telem: + 351 914 135 292
email: info@elyflores.com

Normally, before any online order is delivered to the recipient, all data regarding delivery will be confirmed,
It is scheduled one hour with the recipient to deliver the flowers.

If contact with recipient is not possible, delivery will not take place. In this case we will contact the sender of the order (person responsible for the purchase), to give us more information.